Accomodating adhd on the crct

27-Feb-2017 11:11

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My son was there for 2 years before going to middle school. The teachers at this school have been wonderful with my children (even the one that has problems focusing and staying on task).

They have been welcoming and accomodating from day one! I WISH I COULD SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT BES but I can't they have too many kids in a class so some of the kids are getting left behind.. The administration has always been helpful and responsive although I have been warned not to approach the principal if she's having a bad day. Safety is the number one concern along with education. My experience with BES has been great -- not perfect, but what is?

I would highly recommend this school to people moving into the area.

My kindergartener is doing great and I can't wait for my other children to go through school there, too. I currently have 1 child there who has been there since kindergarten and now in 4th grade.

I personally think the teachers and the staff are great, they always involve you in whats going on in the school and the classroom. I love all the the 5th grade teachers, and my 2nd graders teacher is awesome. The problems became so bad I finally had to withdraw my children. I was not real happy with LCES but so far I would have to say I am even more unhappy with BES.

I think parents should try to get more involved with their child and school and maybe the would not think the school did not have a 'click' going on. I agree that pickup is idiotic, there is no family connection, the school events schedule is nonexistent, parent support seems to be very low, class size is to high for lower grades,outside time should be an absolute(not when the teacher decides they have time), library time should be a class requirement and there should be sufficient help for the students in the library, and I feel lumpkin county curriculum in general is mediocre at best no students are pushed to excel beyond the norm (and that norm would not even stand up to a major city norm).

After attending (the small old) Heards Ferry, K-6, we seriously considered private school for middle school.We truly believe that the education that our daughters have received at RCS is on par with, or exceeds, that offered by private schools (or other systems such as East Cobb).Two other exceptional aspects of RCS are the music & athletic programs.The bus is out of control, the driver has no authority and the administration refuse to deal with the students who are problems. I love BES my child who has special needs done very well and was doing better every day they followed her IEP and called me with any concerns my adhd child also had the help she needed which is a challenge at any school I want to go back to that district I would like to say that I am very happy with school. Teacher morale seems very low and conflicts exist between many of the faculty.

Emphasis is placed on attendance rather than achievement and the curriculum is lacking. As an involved parent willing to work with the school, there is much more that can be done to benefit the children there. At BES, the teachers that my children have are excellent. The administration is unwilling to address the many problems that exist at Blackburn, and strive only to maintain the status quo.School data provided by National Center for Education Statistics, Pitney Bowes, and Great Schools. Great Schools Ratings compare a school’s test performance to statewide results.To verify enrollment eligibility, contact the school or district directly.I can't give a 5 star because of the large class sizes.