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08-Feb-2018 05:39

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I was hoping to find a female friend, see a lady I was corresponding to in real, learn some Russian, and do some sightseeing…

"Gut ist, dass wir schon Mittwoch gegen RW Essen spielen.I got aquaintd with many ladies here but only one have stolen my heart..I visited her twice and now ia m waiting her to come to my city for my birthday and its great chance to make her closer to my family and my life…I came to Kiev, first time in March, after couple months of exchanging emails.Wie die Wuppertaler Rundschau berichtet gibt es jedoch Halteverbote vom S-Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten bis zur Hubertusallee aufgrund der anreisenden Gästefans mit der Bahn.

Bisher haben sich zwölf Mannschaften für den diesjährigen Wupper-Fan-Cup angemeldet. Mai auf dem Rasenplatz des Sporplatz Uellendahl statt.The installation is supposed to be a space in a space, a world that is standing on its own inside our existing concrete world. The material would be something to hold time and place.A Neatly Manicured Hedge started with the desire to make a all-encompassing material for a specific place. In my ambition to compose this all-encompassing material of a specific place, I decided to create that specific place first. The only two things a sheep needs to grow wool are water and grass.The world is a 3d carpet which is made with a mechanical tufting tool, the tool pushes loops of yarn trough a backing fabric. During the performance I am the sheep whose coat is growing by spending time eating.