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With summer practically here and the mercury reaching record heights, it’s time to start thinking about protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays.Some women follow this more religiously than others, Nigella Lawson’s recent burkini escapade being a case in point.‘A friend wears a beekeeper outfit when she’s out in the sun, it covers her whole body,’ she says.‘It’s really embarrassing, but the fabric does filter out 100 per cent of the sun’s rays.One fan is Sophie Forte, the beauty director of Red magazine, who wore a similar pair of gloves to Angeli’s on a hiking trip in the California hills.She believes many women are going to extreme lengths to protect their bodies from the ageing effects of the sun.

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The gloves are made-to-measure for each customer, come in three lengths and are available in 20 colours (including a lurid bright green).

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‘I just got a pair of quite unattractive gloves, made from a rubbery cotton fabric, because I was doing hikes of up to six hours in burning hot heat.

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‘Vanity aside, any sun cream would have melted off immediately and my arms would have been sunburnt.’So, if you want to protect your hands, but can’t quite bring yourself to go to the extreme lengths of looking like an Edwardian lady in evening dress, what else can you do?We bought this theme as we liked it, and the ongoing support from Mystery Theme’s team just makes us love it!We are very happy we found not only the right theme but also a very good team to work with.I am referring to the great number of the city's public buildings, universities, hospitals—and even police stations—that are in well-restored monasteries.