Are elena and damon dating in the show online dating forum uk

27-Nov-2017 20:57

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Michael Trevino is leaving the show as well, but his departure is nowhere near the blow that Dobrev's is. Even worse, she makes up one half of the mind-numbingly popular ship Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert a.k.a. So, basically, with Dobev's exit, the fans are losing the character around whom the show is based and their favorite couple all at the same time. Of course, just as important as whether or not the show will continue without Dobrev is what will happen to the characters left behind in Elena's wake. Though they were a controversial pair at the launch of their romantic relationship, and though there are some that still believe that Elena belongs with her one true love and actual book canon soul mate Stefan Salvatore, there are few that can argue at this point that Damon doesn't love Elena — in his intense, passionate, and occasionally unhealthy way.

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Elena not wanting Damon to decide so quickly and resent her one day, knowing how much he loves being a vampire, asks for Stefan's help, to show Damon a. Elena continued to resent Damon for what he had done to her mother and was convinced by Stefan to go on a double date with Caroline and Matt but the date.… continue reading »

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