Are emily haines and jimmy shaw dating

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I love the photo that they ended up using, I thought it was really cool.

It was in a Grateful Dead T-shirt and with a really cool fringy vest.

He just kind of kept getting in touch for collaborations, and so I felt it was okay to ask him when we needed a world-weary voice, that he would be the best for the world traveler for the song "Wanderlust."ELLE: Speaking of "Wanderlust," that song seems kind of fitting for you; you've grown up all over the place: Canada, New York, born in India.

EH: Yeah, we're all pretty nomadic, the four of us. And it's actually Nick [Zinner] that I know better than Karen, but we had a loft—I guess it was late `90s, early 2000—we had a loft in Williamsburg.

We've just been playing our first shows of the record, so it's really interesting to see how it mixes with the old material.

It feels like the natural progression of the band, but there's a different tone to this one.

Hug Oo Thunder is righteous but warm, angry but loving, melodic but uncompromising.

And if you’ve ever fallen in love with Broken Social Scene - as many of us have - it is a perfect return that was truly worth the wait.

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EH: Yeah, it's the kind of thing you never could have predicted or tried to make happen—it never would've—but he was playing a tribute to Neil Young that we also performed at, and I was introduced to him and I figured he'd just be like, "Oh hi, whatever, random girl," and instead he knew "Gimme Sympathy," the song that we played, and so he said, "Who would you rather be, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?As the leading lady of the Canadian foursome Metric, Haines supplements the band's heavy guitars and electropop beats with teasing, child-like vocals which, over the years, have addressed various political and social topics.The group's fifth effort, (released this past Tuesday), features the band's classic (and contagious) synth melodies, and, in typical Haines fashion, some less-than-subtle lyrical jabs at the government.Since their inception in the early Aughts, BSS have always pushed sonic boundaries while remaining reverent of a perfect chorus; almost twenty years down the line, Hug Of Thunder sharpens that balance and then some.

The record’s twelve songs refract the band’s varying emotions, methods, and techniques in ways that not only reference their other albums, but surpass them. Hug Of Thunder is everything BSS fans love from the Canadian collective and then some, an album overflowing with glorious open chords, multi-voice harmonies, spacious psychedelia- tinted breakdowns, and more. It is a panoramic, expansive album that manages to be both epic and intimate; and like all things BSS, in troubled times, it offers a serotonin rush of positivity. Every record we make ends up capturing, at least for us, what we feel is happening in the world at the time; It's your personal life, but it's also the life of your friends and family, the city you live in, and world events, so is an idea that I had tossed around for a long time in my writing.

Metric, formed in 1998 by Emily Haines and James Shaw, is a Canadian synth-pop, new wave and indie-rock band, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm dating myself when I am not use to seeing such a mellow group of people, very little to no dancing going on but I'm a child of the 80's so guess this generation is a.… continue reading »

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Sep 15, 2017. Metacritic Music Reviews, Choir of the Mind by Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton, The second full-length solo release for the Metric/Broken Social Scene singer was produced with Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw who also mixed the alb.… continue reading »

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Title, Artist, Album, Time. 1, Planets, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton · Choir of the Mind. 2, Fatal Gift, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton · Fatal Gift. 3, Fatal Gift, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton · Choir of the Mind. 4, Strangle All Romance, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton · Choir of the Mind. 5… continue reading »

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Haines recorded Choir of the Mind over several weeks in September and October of 2016, more or less alone in Metric's Toronto studio with a borrowed 18-foot grand piano built in 1850. Her longtime musical partner/Metric bandmate, James Shaw, helped flesh out the sonics with various instruments and rhythmic elements.… continue reading »

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Sep 15, 2017. Choir of the Mind is Emily Haines' second album with her solo project The Soft Skeleton. In 13 tracks, Haines examines what it is to be a woman and the power we have in our adversity. Choir of the Mind was produced by Haines and Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw who also mixed the record. Recorded in.… continue reading »

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Release Date July 7, 2017. Hug Of Thunder marks the fifth studio album from Canadian alt-rock supergroup Broken Social Scene, their first in seven years. Founded in '99 by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, the new album features 15 players including original members Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric, Amy.… continue reading »

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