Bisexual couple date in holland

28-Feb-2018 10:38

Please email us for more information on other organizations for legal assistance.

Please note that neither COC nor the Council for Refugees can advise you on how to escape from your country. There are several trusted international organizations that can provide reports and summaries about LGBT rights in various countries, as well as international law.

80% of first straight marriages are between a man and a woman within a few years of one another.

Re-marriages increase the gap, with almost 40% of people who are six or more years apart.

Some say that simply because gay/lesbian couples are profounding different than straight couples, gives us a kind of tolerance for age differences.

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Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a place to stay at the moment, and most places offering shelter for refugees are already full.

However, there are a few places you can try to contact: 1) The Salvation Army is a Christian organization that is LGBT-friendly.

Answers to common questions regarding support agencies, asylum in the Netherlands, and what COC can do for you. Can COC provide legal aid to asylum seekers? Where can I find information on LGBT issues in my home country? Can I marry or cohabitate with my LGBT partner in the Netherlands? If I am married or.… continue reading »

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