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But because Jesus triumphed in the wilderness, we can triumph as well.Jesus, the victor, is always ready to help us when we call out to him. Peter is describing the Sacrament of Baptism here, he could just as easily be talking about Reconciliation.For what could possibly be a better way to experience a clean conscience than by going to Confession?Give me greater confidence in your mercy and love.” 1.

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You have to acknowledge that the faith of theatrical is in everyone’s bloodstream, and that you can’t just say “no theatrical, fuck off, we live in a streaming world, get used to it.” That’s harsh. without an initial theatrical opening of some kind, so you’ve already capitulated to some extent. Due respect but from my perspective you’ll be doing a rotten, rotten thing by preventing Cuaron’s film from playing in Cannes, not to mention the Greengrass, the Welles and Morgan Neville‘s Welles documentary, . Yes, exhibition has all but divested itself from quality-level films and has devolved into a brothel of CG spectacle and almost nothing else, but great cinema has been nurturing and flourishing in theatres for the last century or so, and you can’t just say “okay, no more theatres” just like that., that were slated to premiere during next month’s Cannes Film Festival.Netflix is angry about a decision last year by festival topper Thierry Fremaux to exclude their films from competition, which was prompted by Netflix’s refusal to book films theatrically in France. Your no-theatrical-release policy has cast a pall over the film industry.Take some time now to pray and thank the Lord for all the graces he wants to pour out on you through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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