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11-Jun-2017 22:18

“It’s kind of an augmented address book” Marcus tells me.“You have all of your address book and then you can search for everyone on Messenger.” Marcus insists that this is not some strategy to get his company into China or other countries where Facebook is blocked.It’s added friend-to-friend payments, new location sharing options, a dedicated web interface, VOIP video calling, and an app platform for sending images and sound clips to friends or playing games.Marcus tells me Messenger’s next big projects are rolling out its Messenger For Business system to more verticals, allowing online merchants to offer customer support through Messenger rather than slow phone calls or annoying emails.The new planet, Kepler-1647b, discovered by a team of astronomers.

“The only way we can grow in those markets is for people who aren’t on Facebook to be able to join” Marcus explains.The stars are similar to the sun, with one slightly larger than our home star and the other slightly smaller.The planet has a mass and radius nearly identical to that of Jupiter, making it the largest transiting circumbinary planet ever found.He also says that Messenger could do a better job of explaining its robust set of features and reminding people when to use them.