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But at larger, urban campuses like Columbia University and New York University, administrators emphasized repetitive training to get information across to the entire student body.Incoming freshmen at Columbia receive materials over the summer before starting classes and are also required to reflect on the link between sexual respect and participation in a university community, whether it’s through watching films and participating in discussions or creating a piece of art as a part of the reflection.“I think part of what’s important is that education and engagement on these issues extends well beyond orientation and aims to shape an environment that supports all students and reinforces the link between sexual respect and community citizenship,” Goldberg said.At New York University, matriculating students of all levels participate in online training, student leaders—including members of Greek life, varsity athletes, and members of the executive boards of NYU’s student clubs—receive bystander training, and freshmen see a theatrical performance put on by members of the Tisch School of the Arts. The entire Indiana University system revamped its sexual misconduct policy in March, calling for affirmative consent from students participating in sexual acts and clearly outlining resources for students who are seeking to report an incident or find other sources of support. and if you’ve got those things together, that’s consent! Many colleges are adding programming or are revising past education on sexual assault prevention to focus on teaching the ideas behind affirmative consent, although some institutions already had relevant programs in place. ” (The full lyrics of the song are at the bottom of this story.) And as college campuses across the country adapt to a culture—and legislation—calling for affirmative consent and “yes means yes” policies, freshman orientations are often just one touch point for a larger conversation about sexual misconduct policies across campuses.

A survey is also administered to freshmen during the sessions, gauging how many have had previous experience with relationship violence.

Legislation in California and New York requires campuses in both states to include affirmative consent in their sexual misconduct policies, meaning that students, faculty and staff must now be trained using “yes means yes.” This is the first year that all orientations in the states will be covered by these laws.

Within the State University of New York system, each campus is adapting its own way to teach about affirmative consent, building on the system’s involvement in crafting the New York legislation.

“We are proud to fulfill a leadership role as colleges and universities across the country are challenged to prevent and effectively address incidents of sexual assault and violence.

We will continue to work with our students and faculty to increase awareness and ensure safety on SUNY campuses, and our experts are happy to work with others nationally to do the same.” And at private institutions in New York, each college has adopted the new mandated language.Bonaventure University in New York also takes on a three-phase approach, including skits on life on campus (one of which centers on sexual violence) and workshops to discuss the skits at orientations, an online module and a class called The Hook-Up, presented to students by an outside company during the first week on campus.And at a Roman Catholic university, where premarital sex isn’t always considered a socially acceptable topic of conversation, the training is a priority for officials and administrators, said Chris Brown, St.Voluntary workshops focused solely on consent in different communities, such as for LGBTQ students, are also offered throughout the year, meaning that the education doesn’t end for students once classes start. whoa consent If you’re waitin’ to go further you need consent Consent …

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