Conditional formatting not updating 2016

01-Feb-2017 13:18

conditional formatting not updating 2016-29

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Well, let me explain how to get the conditional formatting into you Visual Studio project.I found a experimental how to at this post from Ingo Karstein, which i checked and which worked for me.In this situation you will have to customize one or more lists after deployment with SPD in order to restore the conditional formatting.That is not i want to do after each deployment and i guess the same is with you, right?The centring remained and the cells were now being treated as a number again.Did you know that Excel limits the number of numbers that appear in a cell, in General format? Maybe someone at Microsoft is a fan of the movie, This is Spinal Tap, because "these go to eleven".Eventually I strolled upon a Microsoft article with an alternative solution.I used the answer above but added an additional couple of steps. After marking the entire column as above, I then highlighted the cells that had numbers in them as they were showing the little green cell flag to indicate an error to the user (numbers stored as text).

This would be great except for the fact that I don't want to have to do this for each individual cell. Is there any way to correct the alignment of all the cells in the column without going to each one individually? and found out that this had something to do with the values being saved as Text vs Number.

When I go to correct the alignment by setting it to center nothing happens.

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