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11-Jan-2018 10:27

Right from 10am to 11pm, all the servers will be busy.So if you want to browser or enjoy good 3G speed, it has to be from 2am to 6am only.No matter how much hard you to try to seek for help, you will never get a straight response.

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Idea new sachet plan will come handy to many students and youngsters, as it targeted the low cost recharge offers in this plan.Always check for its Speed, Customer support, Connection Errors, Network, Plans, Software updates and many more to buy a dongle.To make this easy, we mentioned few pros and cons of these dongles separately.Following Airtel, Idea and later a lot of other 3G mobile network providers slashed their 3G charges by reducing to 70% .

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People in India prefer for their USB dongles, as many of us travel along with our dongle and laptop.

When i am saying good 3G speed, its only up to 3MBPS sometimes.