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The fun exercises can be used in groups or one-and-one in classrooms or at home.

Print the PDFIn this exercise, students must think about their own best qualities and how they can improve their social skills.

But after dinner with Disraeli, you felt that you were the wittiest, the most intelligent, the most charming person.

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Being a good conversationalist is in my opinion one of the most essential skills to have in life.

It’s always harder to think and speak clearly when we become agitated. But relaxing in social situations helps in another way too.

If your body and face give the unconscious message that you’re nervous, it will be more difficult for others to relax with you making harder for you to build rapport with them.

This brainstorming exercise is a fun way to expand your vocabulary and think about all the great ways to describe your friends and family.

Social skills are arguably the most important set of abilities we can have.It opens up doors for you in your business, personal, social and dating life.With these skills you are truly abundant, you will have endless opportunities.This article on how to control your emotions may help you: How to Control Your Emotions People make a huge mistake though when they assume that gaining good social skills is just about starting to speak well.