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29-May-2017 11:48

They are generally working full time at well paying jobs and have done so since soon after their child was born!I have been a nanny to many boys like this and my son's best friend through twelve years of school and beyond is in this situation still!I think this kind of "daddy's little girl" syndrome isunhealthy. He is creating a 'Princes" she will be in for a shock in the "real" world.This girl is not going to learn to do for herself at all, she will expect the best of everything and for men to Always make sacrifices for her and cow tow to her desires... Great article: Fathering a Daughter Daddy's Little Girl By Anita Bell Men: You are the first man in your daughter's life. For the Male of Today: From Cyber Parent When I was growing up, I often heard, "Oh, don't worry your pretty little head about that.When I pointed this out to her on my last trip to see her( couched in the usual family joke) "***" is not three anymore yanno! She didnt tell me at the time but emailed me as soon as I got home.

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Even in our ever growing -equality based society a man that wants or expects to be supported by a woman is something that many look a woman has a close relationship with her father they are a daddy's girl.if a guy has a close relationship with his mother he's a what? I fail to see the distinction between the two unless there is a double standard going on.But I think when parents spoil a child in the name of "daddy's little girl" this becomes a problem.Example: A man I am dating has 2 teenage daughters. My parents made sure they were safe and had them checked over but it's beyond me and I would have never in a million years asked my folks to give up their new car to me.He has lived at home even after graduating high school , choosing not to go to college and working full time.