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29-May-2017 11:48

I'd have to say that the main difference is the social acceptability. Daddy's girls are cute and show an adorable devotion to a male role model. Daddy's girl is something I kinda always wished I was.I wish I was 'Daddys lil princess', but I never have been.He has lived at home even after graduating high school , choosing not to go to college and working full time.Pays no rent, rarely buys food but eats tons, she still buys ALL his clothes, Dad bought his car and now he "can't afford" the insurance so Mum drives him everywhere even in the middle of the night on a work night( for her) she will get up from a sound sleep or force herself to stay awake till he needs a ride home.The best thing you can do for your daughter is give her the resources to face the world, not the protection or even the desire to hide from the world. that is also the best thing you can do for your son!Believe me, there are plenty of Mums out there ( single with a son who is their only child, generally) who are making "princes" ( crippled young men would be a more apt label) out of their sons!They tend to be the type that want to be cared for, supported, etc.

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Just that she has a close relationship with her father and that he spends extra attention on her treating her like a princess.I'm just not sure how being doted on by a father is a "good" thing, but by your mother is a "bad" thing... Its okay for Daddy to be respected and loved for his masculinity but loving Mommy is weak because women are weak and coddling.I'm a Daddy's girl and that just means I love him lots. Also the idea is that a girl needs to be protected by her father well a boy should step out on his own.Leave that worrying to those boys." The fact that I never heard this at home (Thanks, Dad and Mom) did not stop society from sending this message.

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My dad, more than any other person, taught me to be independent, think for myself, persist, and say "no" when it was needed.A healthy relationship with her father could lead to other healthy relationships with other men. Mommas boys, on the other hand, are looked down upon.A man/boy who is too mothered grows up not knowing how to 'be a man' in some cases (not all).I think this kind of "daddy's little girl" syndrome isunhealthy. He is creating a 'Princes" she will be in for a shock in the "real" world.

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