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07-Mar-2017 19:36

QUEER NORTH will present a powerful program of international short films, documentary and feature fiction works.We are also delighted to announce our Presenting Partner RBC and The RBC BEST OF SHOW AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD.We welcome into membership all people who would share our faith journey.

We stand ready to support such families, as we do all others, in these significant moments.Sudbury Downtown Indie Cinema Co-op is delighted to present: Queer North Film Festival, currently the only queer film festival in Northern Ontario.QUEER NORTH celebrates the diversity of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and two-spirited communities through quality cinema.After sowing the seeds of a mysterious plant that grows with supernatural speed, they decide to try the special liquor collecting in its flowers—and it turns them into boys overnight.

This sudden metamorphosis starts out comic (as, for instance, they explore their new penises) and then becomes deeply insightful as they decide to venture out into the world in their new incarnations.Temptations, attractions, and dangerous alliances eventually bring them to the terrifying reality that this is much more than a fantastical foray.A refreshingly realized take on transgender awakening as well as persisting gender inequalities, Girls Lost is a must-see at this year’s Queer North.AMENDMENT TO OUR RESOLUTION OF OPENNESS AND AFFIRMATION: INCLUDING TRANSGENDER PERSONS – Adopted May 19, 2013 As believers in a Still Speaking God, we recognize our call to periodically examine our ministries to ensure that we continue reaching out to all who have experienced rejection and offering an extravagant welcome.