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08-Apr-2017 08:23

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• Make an apology, express regret and act contrite and it’s best to tell her what she wants to hear, and yes you do have to actually mean at least some of it. Always remember that you have to listen in all situations either it’s yours fault, someone else’s or her own! A woman will feel emotionally safe with a man who is emotionally available, straightforward, trustworthy and authentic.

These are emotional character strengths she can respect and admire in a man.

If so, you’re probably involved with an emotionally obnoxious woman.

This is highly stressful because it also requires you to be hyper-vigilant and in a constant state of defense for incoming attacks.

And your relationship is making you feel like you’re slowly going crazy?

Do you feel like you’re persistently criticized because you’re not able to meet her desires and, feel powerless and overwhelmed because she puts you in no-win situations?

Following these steps you can deal with such sort of situation.

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What we can simply do is to pretend that we understand as to be just and to spare ourselves from dead end arguments or full thriving screaming matches.

For thousands of years there have always been issues when it comes to understanding the opposite sex.