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08-Jul-2017 01:10

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I might become more and more controversial in my articles.To be honest, that’s what my new Facebook group inspires me, because it’s one of the recurrent topics: how to ditch away the malicious ladyboys and the pervert assholes to only keep the quality people, and form couples that work.Sometimes it makes me upset to see how some ladyboys make advantage of them, because they’re fucking serious and good guys!Ladyboys usually strive to find a good guy, a guy who will treat them well and not consider them as sex objects only.

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So let me tell you guys, you’re a catch for Asian ladyboys.Unfortunately, the good guys and the genuine ladyboys don’t always meet.The good guys usually have their first experience with a bitch who will crush their heart and rip them off.I got fooled with my first Filipino ladyboy girlfriend some years ago, got my heart into pieces and my pockets empty.

But this is for another article 😉 You guys are an easy target.

If you are like me, you are attracted to transgender women, and want to seriously date ladyboys.