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During the Second World War a third of the city was destroyed by Allied bombing, which claimed 467 lives.With the new district Lauterborn the city was expanded to the south in the 1960s.Since 1885 the director of the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris had wished to mount Whittington in the French capital.

The cast included Sally Bruce-Payne in the title rôle, Constance Hauman, Nerys Jones, Christian Immler and Kevin West; the conductor was Cem Mansur and narrator John Suchet.

The 1890s French critic in Les Annales was particularly impressed by several numbers of the score, noting particularly the quartet "Tout bon citoyen d'Angleterre", the cat's song, the duetto "Mais qu'est ce donc qu'une chatte ? Yon cites the ballad "Wind that blows across the sea", Hirvoia's brindisi, the police sergeant's comic song and the first act finale with its 'romance du miaou' and waltz song, as evidence of Offenbach keeping to his high musical standards.

Offenbach's La chatte métamorphosée en femme also has a prominent role for a feline.

In the 20th century the city's economy was dominated by the machine-building and leather industries, and it was also a major centre of the typography and design industries.

Other important industries are the automobile and pharmaceutical industries.

The town was more cosmopolitan than Frankfurt; famous people such as Goethe and Mozart visited it several times.