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Scott in Movie Movie, Harry decided to forego the Fulbright.

“There is a point when you have to stop adding to your résumé” he says. Had he followed the Bard, Hamlin might not have had a chance to show off his toga-clad torso in his second film, Clash of the Titans, which he found preposterous.

I would like a partner that is as or more sexually …

Someone who's truly interested in knowing who I am and wants to be around.

Harry as Perseus and Ursula as Aphrodite fell madly in love in 1979 and soon produced a baby boy, Dimitri, now almost 4.

The fact that Andress was 43 at the time and Harry 28, and that no marriage contract was on record, only made the performance more of an improvisation.

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Harry tells Mickey Mouse and Snoopy stories to him every day over the phone.

Even less prestigious projects, such as the soapy CBS miniseries Master of the Game, get the full Hamlin treatment.

For the part of Dyan Cannon’s stuttering artist son, he hired a speech therapist.

Although the play, about a poor Jewish family in the Bronx, has been slammed as dated, Hamlin has been enthusiastically praised.

The Hollywood glamour boy gone, he limps across the stage as Moe Axelrod, a greasy Depression-era thug with a wooden leg. He’s a weirdo,” says Harry, who prepared for the role with his typical gusto.

It is the curse of Harry Hamlin’s acting career that the one role he did not research in his usual exhaustive style is the performance he will never live down.