Did stabler and benson start dating

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So far Eliot had seemed pretty easy going with all her odd quirks and rules. She was just being a typical female on a morning after…though they hadn't had a night before…we they had but not really…"I swear I can feel you thinking through your body."She looked over her should to Eliot's sleepy though smiling face.

He was attracted, he'd showed that much, but whether or not he wanted to develop this into something more she was still unsure of. His face was gruff with a morning shadow but that just made his looks more ruggedly handsome, and of course made her want to melt into him.

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That changed when he finally asked her out on a real date; changed more when she showed up drugged; changed again after a dangerous surprise; changed even more after a dream;was irreversible after a shower.

Although Bayard connected with Benson on a personal level, it seemed purely platonic.

However, after Benson forgave him for messing up her relationship with Hayden, maybe they moved out of the friend zone on their trip to Ohio?

But Barba's snappy clothes are just a small part of the appeal.

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The man who was the brash, pushy outsider ADA not so long ago has quickly worked his way into the squad's inner circle, especially with Olivia, because of his passion.

There's nothing like a brush with death in the line of duty to get someone's priorities in whack.