Does updating your iphone relock it

26-Feb-2017 15:26

does updating your iphone relock it-67

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Now that you've flashed the stock firmware, all of your previous settings have been reset.This includes the USB Debugging option we enabled earlier, so refer back to Step 2 of this guide to enable it once again.

Follow the instructions provided by the toolkit to install the proper device drivers.This is version 1.8.2, but you can always get the latest version on the Wug Fresh website.Once the download has finished, install by double-clicking the file in your browser's download folder. As the installation process finishes on your PC, a dialog will appear on your Nexus 5 asking you to allow USB debugging access from the computer you're connected to.If you copied any data to your PC, you can now copy that back to your Nexus 5.