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09-Feb-2017 12:13

If this is the case, the system should first receive older Portage tree snapshots and upgrade at least Portage (but preferably all packages in the system set), gradually increasing the Portage tree snapshot date until it is recent enough to follow the profile switching instructions again: Older snapshots are often still available on some mirrors on the Internet or on specific locations dedicated for this purpose.

It is recommended to verify the integrity of those files to make sure they are not tampered with: Although the release signing keys might be expired, the signature should still be OK. The upgrade path might need intermediate versions of software (such as portage) that does not exist any more, requiring to update the portage tree in steps (for instance incremental tree updates with steps of 3 to 4 months).

emerge config files in etc need updating-72

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The default install links against GTK :3, which seems to be ABI-incompatable with Flash video (sound still works).BTW, this install is on my "media PC" hooked up to my 50" plasma TV, not my regular working machine.I went and deleted the new config, so I don't accidentally enable it it some day.Generally, such migrations are not mandatory, and systems can continue to use the old profile - just update the packages as explained in the Gentoo Handbook.

HandbookX86/Portage/Tools. From Gentoo. This means that if someone makes a mistake when updating a config. Another tool to merge configuration files is etc.… continue reading »

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A profile is a set of configuration files. then users need to specify UNICODE="no" in /etc/rc.conf. root # emerge --root=/mnt/host --config-root=/mnt/host.… continue reading »

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Emerge issue in Gentoo. 3 config files in '/etc/portage' need updating. * See the CONFIGURATION FILES section of the emerge * man page to learn how to update.… continue reading »

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Regenerating GNU info directory index. * Processed 150 info files. * IMPORTANT 24 config files in /etc need updating. * Type emerge --help config to learn how to.… continue reading »

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