Emerge config files in etc need updating

09-Feb-2017 12:13

* IMPORTANT: config file '/etc/portage/package.use' needs updating.* See the CONFIGURATION FILES section of the emerge * man page to learn how to update config files. on my first attempt, the update refosed to run, claiming that "iconv" is required if I specify "truetype".To view the list of supported profiles, call Some systems are too old to just switch the profile.

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When a profile migration is apparent, then the upgrade has to be executed manually.However, no distribution is more suited than Gentoo to satisfy these kind of demanding users.From the beginning, Gentoo was designed around the concept of fast, incremental updates.BTW, this install is on my "media PC" hooked up to my 50" plasma TV, not my regular working machine.

Regenerating GNU info directory index. * Processed 150 info files. * IMPORTANT 24 config files in /etc need updating. * Type emerge --help config to learn how to.… continue reading »

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