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Q & A with Emilie de Ravin Author: Holly Charron Date: November, 2000 Source: Seventeen Magazine "Guess I'm a legal alien, and she's an illegal alien," says Emilie de Ravin, 18, of Tess, the character she plays on Roswell. She had no human side to her at first, none whatsoever.

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"When I read the script even before I shot anything, I thought she was interesting. Make him come to you.'" Emilie took her sister's advice a little too far. She was like, 'First, you don't want to be too pushy with him. Tess is finding that she has human emotions, and the aliens help her discover her compassionate side. What changes would you like to see for Tess this season? I was like, 'Not tonight--I have other things to do,'" she says, laughing.

She's cool, but she could get more of that groovy-chick thing going on. "When my crush finally asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with him, I tried to act all cool.Even with so many days of Beastmaster under her belt, however, the actress found it a bit of a challenge to portray Roswell's alien newcomer."It's hard because you can't just say, 'Ok, I'm going to draw from this life experience' because obviously, I haven't had any alien experiences and I haven't had that many life experiences as a human," says De Ravin, who turns 19 on December 27 and speaks with hardly any accent.Even at the beginning I didn't consider her trouble at all.