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26-Feb-2018 15:09

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Enable Events to false will boost up the speed of macro, but after a batch of googling, i still didn't get how to use it, can some one please explain to me? Setting it to false is usually done because the effect of the event handler is undesirable or to prevent an infinite loop.

Reader’s Note: This is the second article in a new series featuring macros submitted by my incredible wellsr PRO community members.When running procedures that use Excel, I typically turn some application settings off at the start of the procedure, and then turn them on again at the end of the procedure. Code for turning application settings off and on: var excel Settings Manager = new Application Settings Manager(Addin Module. Excel App); //store all settings you are going to tamper with... Save Setting("Enable Events"); excel Settings Manager. Save Setting("Screen Updating"); //change excel setting and do your thing... //when done, restore settings excel Settings Manager. Enable Events End Sub Public Sub Dispose() Implements IDisposable. Example This example demonstrates how turning off screen updating can make your code run faster.

The example hides every other column on Sheet1, while keeping track of the time it takes to do so.These articles are similar to my Code Library articles in that they usually won’t contain an accompanying detailed tutorial.If you’re an existing wellsr PRO member, don’t forget to submit your own macro to the wellsr PRO community using the Share My Macros button.Each time you change some thing in the sheet, Excel re-calculates all formulas.

Good days everyone, I know that if set Application. EnableEvents to false will boost up the speed of macro, but after a batch of googling, i still didn… continue reading »

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In most VBA code, you can use the Application. EnableEvents property to prevent Excel from calling event procedures. This. To suppress events in a form.… continue reading »

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