End a dating relationship single parents dating adult child response

21-Jan-2018 14:57

If the reasons are not clear and understood by both parties, however (including the one choosing to leave), grudges and guilt will destroy good memories.The bad breakup could end up as baggage affecting future unions.Even if we've confronted a concern in the best possible way, if we stay in the relationship, it's hard to tell if change has occurred and for what reason.It's like trying to repair a car while driving down the highway.

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If you are contemplating leaving a long-term relationship, there are ways to do it that can limit the collateral damage. Be sure there really is a lack of love, respect, or joy—and that it can't be revived.

The inevitable question arrives, "Can we still be friends?

" This question is often an attempt by one to stay in the relationship.

Let your friend know that you have concerns, that you've given it thought, and that you believe it's the right decision for you.

Share the concerns if your friend would like to know, but address them as behaviors, not traits. You might get promises, begging, or anger from your friend.This can create confusion, disappointment and resentment when it causes partners to grow apart. Even if you have trouble articulating what you feel, the process of trying to share your thoughts is vital.All satisfying relationships list frequent and honest communications as crucial to their success.You don't owe it to your friend to stay in the relationship.