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They appear in just about every Battlefield game that the RGF are in, though they are never directly mentioned. The Russian Empire, as it was known as between 17, was a part of the Triple Entente alongside Britain and France, and as such was a major participant of The Great War until the October Revolution caused the replacement of the imperial government by a communist one, which subsequently caused Russia's exit of the war.

The Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is the main intelligence service of Russia. They are known for black operations within various countries. Imperial Russian forces (also playing the part of the counter-revolutionary White Army ) and communist Red Army forces, while absent from the base game's multiplayer, are introduced as playable factions in the In The Name Of The Tsar expansion of Battlefield 1.

In multiplayer, the Russian Ground Forces, more specifically the Russian Army Airborne as highlighted in many map descriptions and within the campaign, fight nameless regiments of the United States Army, and also Russia's advances on North America after the events of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, extending to Canada in all red and the northern United States.

South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico are no longer in red. In the South American theater, they are mostly engaged in the defense of their strongholds, such as Arica and Valparaiso.

The Russian Ground Forces (RGF) are the main fighting force of the Russian Federation and are responsible for ground operations and occupations against enemy forces. They appear in several different Battlefield games.

The Air-Landing Forces (VDV) are the Airborne attack forces of the Russian Military.

It is implied that the Russians were in a conflict with the European Union preceding the European entry into The War.

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They have outlived the Soviet Union and currently fight with the modern Russian military.

Their first invasion attempts of South America, highlighted in the map descriptions, are playable in Atacama Desert and Harvest Day (Bad Company 2 version).

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