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The Russian Ground Forces (RGF) are the main fighting force of the Russian Federation and are responsible for ground operations and occupations against enemy forces. They appear in several different Battlefield games.The Air-Landing Forces (VDV) are the Airborne attack forces of the Russian Military. The Russian Empire was an empire formed from medieval kingdoms dating back to the 9th century.It was involved in World War I as a member of the Allies, but pulled out in 1917 following the October revolution.Russia itself is the location of maps set during the Russian Civil War and Albion taking place in Russian owned Estonia.During the Second World War Russia was known as the Soviet Union and not the Russian Federation. In Battlefield 2, alot of Russian equipment is used by the MEC.The game shows that Russian forces are rapidly moving into new territories and seem to be expanding quickly.Through news broadcasts overheard during the European invasion, French and German reporters can be heard, so it can be presumed that Russia has moved all the way to Western Europe.

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After this, Russia invades through Alaska, to which, based upon the final cutscene of the game, is successful and occupies Canada all the way down to its border with the United States.The Russian Federation is depicted in a fictional war against the United States of America, allied with the Middle Eastern Coalition and the hired assistance of the Legionnaire Mercenaries. They are first assigned to assist United States Army convoys.Soon after, B-Company is engaged in aiding a US Army armored division in the Battle of Zabograd.At the end of the game, it seems that heavy US retaliation within South America has pushed back the Russian occupation, despite the Latin American Militia's alliance with Russia.

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