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Fieldfares are best looked for in the countryside, along hedges and in fields.

Women who have one first-degree relative with breast cancer, diagnosed under the age of 40 or two first or second-degree relatives with breast cancer diagnosed over the age of 50, also have a slightly increased risk.

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The Church of Saint Peter in Chains is the centre of the community.

In summer the Feast of Saint Peter takes place on the first Sunday in August, with the week leading up the feast being one of street parties, marches and band parades.

The gradual process we call evolution in which one thing changes into a more complex and usually better form is a concept that I usually do not associate with personality.

Despite its growth, the town stays true to its heritage as traditional Maltese fishing boats, luzzu, carrying the watchful Eye of Osiris to ward off evil dating back 2,500 years, can be seen dotted all around the bays.In late winter grass fields, playing fields and arable fields with nearby trees and hedges are a favourite place.May come into gardens in severe winters when snow covers the countryside.Fieldfares are large, colourful thrushes, much like a mistle thrush in general size, shape and behaviour.