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They just change the Visible Drop Down property to False, for some fields. NOTE: Use the Field number, NOT the worksheet column number. Rows(1) i = 1 i Show = 2 'leave this field's arrow visible Application. Auto Filter Field:=i, _ Visibledropdown:=False End If i = i 1 Next Application. Auto Filter Field:=i, _ Visibledropdown:=False Case Else c. You can change the field number in the i Hide variable, to hide a different field's arrow. Auto Filter Field:=i, _ Visibledropdown:=False Else c.

Sub Hide ALLArrows() 'hides all arrows in heading row 'the Filter remains ON Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer Dim rng As Range Set rng = Active Sheet. Sub Hide Arrows Except One() 'hides all arrows except ' in specified field number Dim c As Range Dim rng As Range Dim i As Long Dim i Show As Long Set rng = Active Sheet. Screen Updating = True End Sub In some lists, you might want to hide the arrows on specific fields, and leave all the other arrows visible. Auto Filter Field:=i, _ Visibledropdown:=True End Select i = i 1 Next Application. NOTE: Use the Field number, NOT the worksheet column number. Rows(1) i = 1 i Hide = 3 'leave this field's arrow hidden Application. Auto Filter Field:=i, _ Visibledropdown:=True End If i = i 1 Next Application.

This Workbook_Open macro checks for an Auto Filter on the sheet named Data. Sub Count Sheet Auto Filters() Dim i ARM As Long 'counts all worksheet autofilters 'even if all arrows are hidden If Active Sheet. Print "Auto Filter Mode: " & i ARM End Sub To see all the macros from this page, download the Auto Filter Worksheet Macros workbook.

To allow users to use Auto Filter after the sheet is protected, be sure to add a check mark to the Use Auto Filter box, when you protect the sheet To be sure that a sheet has an Auto Filter, and the sheet is protected, use a macro that runs automatically when the workbook is opened, and macros are enabled. Note: While you are in the Visual Basic Editor, press Ctrl G to show the Immediate Window.

Then, it protects the Data sheet, and sets the protection to user interface only. Be sure to enable macros when you open the workbook, if you want to test the macros.

It turns on the Auto Filter, if one is not in place. Protect Password:="password", _ Contents:=True, User Interface Only:=True End With End Sub Sub Count Vis Rows() 'by Tom Ogilvy Dim rng As Range Set rng = Active Sheet. The zipped file is in xlsm format, and contains macros.

Protect _ Contents:=True, _ Allow Filtering:=True, _ User Interface Only:=True, _ Password:=str Pwd End With End Sub By default, when you turn on an Auto Filter, dates are grouped in the drop down list. Store the following Excel Auto Filter macro on the This Workbook module sheet. Private Sub Workbook_Open() 'check for filter, turn on if none exists With Worksheets("Data") If Not .

If you don't want the dates grouped automatically, you can: Perhaps you want users to filter only specific fields in a list. Auto Filter Field:=i, _ Visibledropdown:=False i = i 1 Next Application. Special Cells(xl Cell Type Visible) On Error Go To 0 End With If rng2 Is Nothing Then Msg Box "No data to copy" Else Worksheets("Sheet2").

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Sub Show All Protected Pwd() Dim str Pwd As String str Pwd = "yourpassword" With Active Sheet . Click on a plus sign, to see the months for each year.

Following are ten ways to help keep your Excel macros running at their optimum performance level.

Did you know that each time a cell that affects any formula in your spreadsheet is changed or manipulated, Excel recalculates the entire worksheet?

Count - 1 & " Records" End Sub To see if a worksheet contains a worksheet Auto Filter, run this macro.

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I have a slide that includes a (inserted) chart and an inserted Excel worksheet object.

Use the following macros to hide one or more of the drop down arrows in the list heading row. Screen Updating = True End Sub The following Excel Auto Filter VBA procedure hides the arrows for all fields except field 2. Auto Filter Field:=i, _ Visibledropdown:=True i = i 1 Next Application.

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