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Important note: This is a strictly high end escort/sexual coaching service -services suggested to educate single men, and/or couples on how to pick up or attract their partners or opposite sexes more easily, how to increase intimacy and to be better lover, and general relationship issues.

By agreeing to use this service I will not be held responsible for any misuse.

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I am a positive image of a healthy, beautiful Transexual, Shemale or ladyboy but I am a women with an extra (guaranteed well over 6 inches). Standing at 5'10, I've been blessed with a classic feminine hourglass figure, a size 6 woman with curves in all the right places.

I am the type of woman who is adaptable and able to accompany you in most environments with ease.

Nikita is the most exclusive and elite Trans escort with true feminine beauty -A Woman of class, NO hormones or drugs with a highly performing active COCK.

If you are seeking for more than just the average and appreciate top beauty from a down to earth, a top class transexual look no further..

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Good conversation, beverages, flirting and teasing - all are part of, and enhance a great experience.

Indulge in a brief and passionate sojourn or splurge on a longer engagement..Your identity and privacy should also be treated with the utmost discretion and visa versa.I am highly educated, articulate and comfortable with both who I am and what I do.Mevluet Cavusoglu Mevluet Erdinc Mevlut Cavusogl Mevlut Cavusoglu Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu Mevlut Erdinc Mevlüt Erdinc Mevlut Erding Mew Azama Mew Choo Wong Meweld Moore Mewelde Moor Mewelde Moore Mewelde Morre Mexborough Boy Mexes Philippe Mexicali Cocina Cantina Mexico Mexikoma Mey Bun Meya Bizer Meyar Al Roumi Meyer Bosman Meyer Cabrera Meyer Gottlieb Meyer Leonard Meyer Nell Meyer Shwarzstein Meyer Swanepoel Meyers Leonard Meyghan Hill Meyhem Lauren Meyley Godinez Meyne Wyatt Meyrick Buchanan Meyrick Murphy Meyrick Sheen Meyril Murphy Mezajy Mezavilla Mezei Jefferson Mezeray Miss Mezhgan Hussainy Mezie Nwigwe Mezut Oezil Mezut Ozil Mezza Bruno Fornaroli MF Candassamy MFA Chair of the Board Lisbeth Tarlow Mfanelo Komsana Mfon Udofia Mfon Udoka MFrida Hansdotter Mfundo Ndhlovu Mfundo Nsele MG Mg Mg Lwin MG Orender Mg Siegler Mger Organisian Mgini Kweba MGK MGMT Mgr Barbarin MHa Na Jang Mhainda Rajapaksa Mhainda rajapaksaq Mhairi Black Mhairi Calvey Mhairi Fergusson Mhairi Kouise Nurthen Mhairi Lawson Mhairi Mc Kay Mhairi Mcnicol Mhairi Morrison Mhairi Nurthen Mhairi Parr Mhairi Spence Mhairi Steembock Mhamed Krichen Mhari Mc Kay Mhari Spence Mhark Fernando MHD Mhd Azmi Abd Al Nour Mhd Magrib Bin Ibrahim Mhd Zahir Algunami Almedani Mhd.

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