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Archaeological excavations in Northern Spain have revealed several episodes of Neanderthal occupations with preserved wooden remains.The excavation revealed two very well preserved wooden tools; one...

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This is no El Dorado – although you’d be forgiven for thinking so. The Vikings have been reputed to be remarkable seafarers who could fearlessly navigate their way through unknown oceans to invade unsuspecting communities along the North Sea and Atlantic Sea coasts...

We have primitive brain/computer interfaces, offering the hope that paralyzed patients will be able to speak through computers and operate prosthetic limbs directly.

What’s harder to predict is how connecting human brains with machines and computers will ultimately change the way we actually think.

All the same, when she was later shown the plaster cast bust of the dead man, she was “” (Feltus, p.178), giving rise to a strong suspicion that she knew more than she was letting on.

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She did tell police that she had independently given a copy of the Rubaiyat to a man called Alfred Boxall, who she had met at the Clifton Gardens Hotel in Sydney in 1944 while she was training to be a nurse at the nearby Royal North Shore Hospital.For thousands of years the Hopi tribe of northern Arizona has performed a secretive, sacred ceremony that embodies the manifold and richly evocative archetypal nature of the serpent. The remains of a 6-inch long mummy from Chile are not those of a space alien, according to recently reported research .The tiny body with its strange features – a pointed head, elongated bones – had...People, properly augmented, will be able sift through enormous amounts of information, perform mathematical calculations at supercomputer speeds, and visualize virtual directions well beyond our ordinary three dimensions of space.

Oct 13, 2014. The timescales that DNA can persist in the fossil record are still debated although lifetimes of at least several tens of thousands to a hundred thousand years 44,45 are generally accepted. Recently, Orlando et al. 28 raised the bar by isolating and sequencing an intact horse genome dating 700,000 years.… continue reading »

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Aug 31, 2012. At the later time when the domains diversified with their respective cellular structures, which seems to after the atmosphere oxygenated from trace fossils and genome dating, the temperature was probably quite like today or lower as we see global glaciations around that time. Hence mesophiles prefer 20.… continue reading »

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