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The fluid materiality of latex (not commonly used in high fashion) juxtaposed with the light colour palette resulted in an almost ethereal and angelic collection.

The pieces were created seamlessly and designed to appear as a second skin.

In 2000, Viktor & Rolf launched their company logo of a wax seal bearing the monogram V&R, and began to devote their artistic talent to ready-to-wear collections.

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Floral outlines evolved into three-dimensional fabric flowers, as simple straw hats extended laterally to connect with the pleated dresses.To depict an illusion of depth stylistic birds, bows and ribbons were hand painted onto the latex, in a trompe-l'œil technique.The Bonbon collection was modelled by ballerinas en-pointe.Below are small summaries of Viktor & Rolf’s most recent haute couture designs.

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Bonbon (Spring/Summer 2014) Interested in exploring the point at which skin and clothing meet, Viktor & Rolf created a collection of latex couture pieces titled Bonbon.The duo is renowned for their avant-garde designs, which rely heavily on theatrical and performative fashion runways.Initially, Viktor & Rolf were shunned by the fashion industry, however, the designers were received well by the art world.Focused on conscious designing, Viktor & Rolf manifested a collection made entirely from discarded materials from their atelier.

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