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These days are infrequent so don’t miss them for doing hair-cut. In each sign of the zodiac, the sun is about a month, and then passes into another sign, roughly in the twenties. And in ancient Babylon, it were given the names of real constellations. A pointed arrow, probably, means evading conscription. It is very important to place the symbol of the sign in your facebook. For some individuals a Full Moon time can be critical so it’s better to choose another day for hair-cut.The perfect time for hair-cut is a Full Moon time in Leo or in Virgo.Therefore it is recommended to clear up your energy by cutting your hair (just a slight cut is enough).However, you shouldn’t forget to follow your personal rhythms and look after your health. These symbols represent the sectors of the celestial sphere through which the sun passes during the year. Ancient Egyptians came up with the names of the zodiac associated with the flora and fauna. Here two fish swim in different directions — this is a contradiction.

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But to get along with colleagues at this time will be very difficult: even the smallest mistakes will not go unnoticed, but for any miscalculations detractors will try to attract the attention of management.

It comes from the fact that our organism as biological structure is strongly affected by natural rhythms.

The Full Moon period is a point when everything is full filled with Lunar energy. During the moon wanes this energy is eliminated from our body otherwise, if we don’t help this process, it is stagnated.

Horoscope for Virgo: Its difficult and tedious time for Virgo.

This month, representatives of this sign will have to solve their own and other people's problems, to spend time on the correction of old errors.There are professional problems, serious misunderstandings in the workplace.Do not seek a cause of all ills - it is about the unfortunate circumstances, rather than the consequences once you have committed mistakes. Horoscope for Cancer: This month can not be called simple month, because it will bring not only opportunities but also serious challenges.1) The Moon in Aries – hasten the hair-growth with loosing its quality. A good period for experimenting with your hairdo but not try to make it as accustomed. A good period for those who has brittle and dry hair.