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ever since South Korea's first female president, Park Geun-hye, was elected and Kim Jong-un began conducting nuclear tests, launching the equivalent of an ICBM into space, and making escalating boasts about destroying landmarks and cities in the United States.

Could this be Comet ISON, due to arrive in November 2013?France has been having a lot of trouble from Al Qaeda in North Africa of late.Belgium is currently the seat of the European Union.For if that had been the case, we would now be a world at war and the Internet, as we know it, might no longer exist.

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radiocarbon dating and creationism

This could easily make the slain leader who is mourned the one Nostradamus calls "Mabus" in Quatrain 2.62.

He also predicts assassination or murder for several popes, one of whom may have been John Paul I in 1978.

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