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24-May-2017 09:55

'I would just like to say that even though I feel she is unprofessional and not a nice person…nobody deserves to be bullied. Meanwhile Silvestri told News5 she is keeping the deposit since she spent two hours shooting the engagement photos and said she's apologized for photoshopping the couple to make them thinner.

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But what really caught her eye was when she noticed two photos had been photo-shopped to make them look thinner.

Real and then photoshopped: Katie Liepold took issues with the quality of photographs for the shoot but this 30-pound thinner photoshopping job on her and her finacee Jon Kistler (pictured) was the last straw'We didn't really need the engagement session, but it was in the package so we did it,' said Liepold to News5 Cleveland.

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I don’t mean which positionthey are allowed to have sex in (although, sadly, yes, that is a rulethat some couples have tried), what i’m talking about is theidea that none of the people are able to have sex independently, theyhave to all be together.

the problem here, the one that is so inflammatory to many poly forumdwellers, is that the typical unicorn hunter doesn’t know whatthe term poly fi means, doesn’t have a clue to ask forspecifically this, up front, and ends up angering people by fosteringsituations which, in hindsight, appear to be a bait and switch.

I felt duped by a wedding vendor and I wanted to share this with other brides.'I feel I was able to tell my story but I felt like the focus was more on my weight and fat shaming and not on the whole story,' the bride-to-be added.

Liepold said this is a cautionary tale about posting on the internet and that the photographer is being bullied online as well.

She said everything went great with photographer Linda Silvestri from Tower Photography in Medina, until they received their pictures from the engagement shoot.

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Liepold says she first noticed blurry images and weird angles.

The day of the shoot went as well as could be expected.