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05-Jun-2017 20:21

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With that being said, we here at Beyond the Flag would like to thank you for enjoying our April Fools’ Day article.To the best of our knowledge none of the above mentioned events are true.You might be wondering when the couple first met along with answers on when and how did they got married.According to some sources, Sheila Falconer first met Patric Stewart back in 1965 and start dating and after a year, the couple got married on 3 March 1996.Whereas Patrick Stewart got married twice after his first divorce.

There has been no word from Saturday Night Live or Stewart about a possible appearance, and Conway has not commented on the social media comments comparing the two.

Messing with this team might result in you getting beat up after the race.

Even though details behind all of this are scarce, the one thing that can be confirmed is that today is April Fools’ Day.

A team that consists of the Busch brothers, Stewart and Kevin Harvick would easily be the hottest headed teams in all of NASCAR.

Smoke, Rowdy, The Outlaw and Happy Harvick may not be the most dominating team but they will definitely be a team that no other driver will want to cross.

After seeing a photo of Stewart in drag from last year, many on social media are urging Saturday Night Live to cast the British thespian as President Trump's White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.