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Among the nuggets which eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted was the appearance of Sherlock's parents, who were played by Benedict Cumberbatch's real mother and father, Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton.

There was also a flashback to the fateful Reichenbach Falls - where Sherlock had a memorable stand-off with his arch-nemesis Moriarty and tumbled to his death in the original story - while, in the closing scene, a mysterious Viking lying on the floor on 221B Baker Street turned out to be none other than music legend Paul Weller.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by English Heritage. For the general headings and the method used in combiling this Index readers are referred to the three Reports of the Index Committee printed in the previous volumes on Essex.Seeing Sherlock in a domestic setting is a rare sight for fans.But, in a delightful twist, viewers were not only watching Sherlock with his parents, but simultaneously seeing Benedict Cumberbatch with his real mother and father - Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton.For many, Rathbone is the ultimate Sherlock: an older, wiser version of the junkie portrayed by Cumberbatch.

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But the inclusion of the reference indicates how the latest Sherlock has evolved, becoming more akin to the character portrayed by Rathbone.

'I'm so proud of them and I'm so proud of the reaction they got... ' Gatiss - who also plays Mycroft - admitted at the time that it was a bold move to show Sherlock's parents on screen.'I don't know if Holmes's parents have ever been shown [in a dramatisation] and it felt like the right thing to do in the third season, to be even cheekier,' he said. ' Anyone who stuck around long enough to read the credits from last night's show will have noticed a very unusual - and famous - cameo appearance.

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