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He was linked by regular social contact and family ties with other salt farmers and villagers, some of whom volunteered to patrol the island for escaped workers.

Carrying fishing rods, they walked around like tourists who had come to fish and buy salt, and surreptitiously took photos of Hong's house and farm.

The exact number of people enslaved on the islands is difficult to determine for the same reasons that slavery lingers: the transient nature of the work, the remoteness of the farms and the closeness — and often hostility — of the island communities.

Activists believe many slaves have yet to be found, as some salt farm owners sent victims away or hid them from investigators.

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Around half of Sinui Island's 2,200 people work in salt farming, according to a county website and officials.

He said I shouldn't question things and should be thankful because he fed me and gave me lodging and work.''Angel Islands,' the regional tourist board calls the 1,004 islands clustered in the sun-sparkling waters off South Korea's southwestern tip, because the Korean word for '1,004' sounds like the word for 'angel.' The second time they ran, Kim and Chae again tried to find their way to the port.

But they had to pass the grocery store to get there, and again the store owner's son, identified by officials only as Yoon, rounded them up and called Hong. Hong was an influential man, a former village head.

On many of the 72 inhabited islands, salt propels the economic engine, thanks to clean water, wide-open farmland and strong sunlight.

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Sinan County has more than 850 salt farms that produce two-thirds of South Korea's sea salt.

Several freed disabled slaves told the AP they will return because they believe that even the salt farms are better than life on the streets or in crowded shelters.

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