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Provincial police vowed to inspect farms and interview workers regularly.

Choi Byung-dai, a police officer on Sinui Island when Kim Seong-baek was freed, expressed regret about Kim's treatment but also noted the difficulty of monitoring so many salt farms and a flood of seasonal workers.'They're treated like dogs and pigs, but people in the community are used to it,' said Kim Kyung-lae, a Mokpo cab driver who regularly drives local employment agents and disabled workers to the ferry port to meet with farm owners.'They spend their leisure time eating snacks, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

On many of the 72 inhabited islands, salt propels the economic engine, thanks to clean water, wide-open farmland and strong sunlight.

Sinan County has more than 850 salt farms that produce two-thirds of South Korea's sea salt.

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But it recently emerged that a remote set of South Korean islands have long been used as slave camps - where families send their mentally disabled relatives to toil in salt farms so that they don't have to care for them.

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Around half of Sinui Island's 2,200 people work in salt farming, according to a county website and officials.

Several freed disabled slaves told the AP they will return because they believe that even the salt farms are better than life on the streets or in crowded shelters.