Modeling and validating distributed embedded real time systems with vdm

19-Sep-2017 02:05

Use case is the specific textual and visual method of presenting software application’s functionalities comprising all ways of user system interactions[14], consisting of two main symbolic notations i.e. In most of the cases actor is either user or system itself as a remote actor and activity is the event triggered by the system in response to the request by actor for some action.

The designed use case diagram (Figure 3) of PCM System describes the user system interaction (Table 2) which consists of a User (actor), four direct activities: Login System, Open Document, Print Request and Printed Document, and two indirect associated activities: Printer/Plotter and Print Information.

Microsoft word, power point, excel sheet, notepad, image file, PDF etc.) and send print request to the print server for printing.

In return user will get printed document and print information status will be extracted and saved.

modeling and validating distributed embedded real time systems with vdm-10

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modeling and validating distributed embedded real time systems with vdm-88

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The admin module (Figure 2) is the developed graphical user interface (GUI)[25],[26],[27] which allows user to connect to the database server to get server saved data and perform data manipulation operations.ports, display, memory etc.)[24] but can also direct plugged devices (e.g.keyboard, mouse, printers, universal serial bus etc) [35],[36].In an intranet workgroup environment where multiple users are connected to one or many print servers can send multiple print requests to associated printers (including plotters). There is no such (freely available open source) solution available which can help in having the information (e.g.

Distributed Simulation of Formal Models in System of Systems Engineering. WETICE 2014 211-. Incremental Development of a Distributed Real-Time Model of a Cardiac Pacing System Using VDM. FM 2008 181-197. Modeling and Validating Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems with VDM++. FM 2006 147-162.… continue reading »

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