My daughters dating black dude

21-Feb-2018 13:12

One of you racists mispelled my name on purpose when I posted my message.One that has been at the games and never introduced himself.

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If you have strong desires to sleep with someone else, you’ve got to ask yourself why?

Maybe she wants someone who’s not like me.” Or maybe one time she was chatting with a Black guy, and you felt somewhat insecure about it, and then after that you may have created confirmation bias toward her being more friendly with Black guys.

I think the first step for you, sir, is to try to really step back and examine the possibility that you may be seeing this “attraction” simply because you’re afraid of it. And if you’re afraid of it, that doesn’t necessarily make you racist.

What are you gaining that you don’t have with your current partner?

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Are there elements of your current marriage that are lacking, or need working on?

Even if things are good now, there’s always room for improvement.

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