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From the team at Geeky Sex Toys, we hope your day is filled with glitter and sparkles!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– I've definitely NOT spent the day suctioning our Unicorn Horn Dildo to my head and pretending to be one...Naughty move: Lie on the bed with your hands tied together, and let him devour you.Have him start with a tease by holding his first and second fingers in a V, placing them on either side of your clitoris, and massaging in a scissoring motion."Playing up that he's in control and responsible for getting you off is a huge turn-on," says Cynthia W. He can use his power to either allow you to climax or withhold stimulation for a tortuous minute.

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"A lot of guys go up and down, but that makes for more pressure on such a sensitive spot, which can be too intense," says sex educator Jamye Waxman."Side to side feels more relaxing and arousing." Even naughtier move: Have him tie your hands with a scarf and hang them on a hook on his door (the kind you would hang your coat or towel on) before he tantalizes you with oral.Since you'll feel totally like his sex toy, you can add to the arousal of being restrained by begging him to "release" you and let you orgasm.Arent We is fully stocked with thousands of products for your browsing enjoyment offering discreet shipping, friendly customer service and a world-class selection from the top manufacturers.

I have this really kinky idea for a mother daughter phone sex call!I canโ€™t wait to talk about that with you when you call me for mother daughter phone sex fantasies. Call into our friendly dispatcher at 1-888-474-6769 and ask to speak with Mommy Carla and her favorite daughter, Kenzie. Try a Bit of Bondage Getting tied up instantly boosts the sexual energy because it brings in the element of vulnerability.Start by touching your nipples with one hand and rubbing a thigh with your free one.