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“It’s awesome.” It is, though it is also surprising, considering that American Nina Warrior gives its contestants exactly one chance.

A contestant is introduced, sometimes with a video, sometimes not, and then tackles the course.

So how did that give way to stars on the side of a bus, stars who young kids want to pose with, and who have their own character-trait nicknames, such as from Jesse ‘Flex’ Labreck” to James “The Beast” Mc Grath?

What happened, completely accidentally and organically, is that an entire culture developed around American Ninja Warrior that ranges from superfans to people who train to become contestants, to the contestants who offer that training.

“We can’t overstate,” he said, “if it weren’t for the stories, it would be people doing a jungle gym for two hours, and I think the stories we tell resonate with people.” Those stories are the clip packages and details that Iseman and his fellow host Akbar Gbajabiamila share with viewers as contestants tackle the course.

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Her colleagues look impressed as they realise what she’s just done.The first person I saw as I walked along the empty, quiet American Ninja Warrior course in Daytona Beach, Fla., was Jessie Graff, flying through the air.There were no audience members or crew members or contestants; the sun was still up this cool April evening, and contestants wouldn’t start attempting the course for a few more hours.Accidents happen, especially when you’re working in a busy bar dealing with glasses and rowdy customers.

But this woman managed to prevent a smashed glass with an impressive move.The woman falls against the shelf in relief, clearly thrilled she’s avoided a mess.The video has gone viral online, with over 1.7 million views.She was there because she’s become one of the show’s biggest stars, and because the contestants who compete on the show have become—and keep becoming—actual celebrities.