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Unlike a divorced couple, if a legally separated couple wishes to reconcile, they do not need to get married again.They simply need to submit a request to resume the marriage to the court.If you plan to marry in Georgia, the laws define the rules for getting a marriage license, who can perform the ceremony and other state policies related to weddings.If your marriage breaks down, other sections of Title 19 deal with separation, divorce, child support and visitation.Get professional marriage separation advice and tips during this volatile period as this is a traumatic experience for all people involved.This is the time when conflicts can escalate and partners can remove their anger and frustrations on each other.

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"Legal separation," however, specifically refers to a court approved separation which defines legally enforceable rights and obligations, but does not permanently end the marriage.

A separation can help couples gain perspective on the marriage and seriously think if the right way forward would be to continue the marriage or call it quits.

Do not be afraid to consult a marriage counselor and seek help if you are considering a separation.

Common reasons a couple might wish to legally separate, rather than divorce, include the financial benefits of remaining married (such as tax incentives) and religious beliefs which may conflict with divorce.

Legal separation offers the benefits of legal clarity akin to divorce orders.Property rights between the two parties are divvied up, as are child custody, child support and spousal support right and obligations.While couples can simply agree to such matters without court involvement, obtaining a court approved legal separation simplifies enforcement of these rights should disputes arise.Legal Separation Versus Divorce Legal separation does not end a marriage.

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