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31-Jan-2018 17:28

Multi Arc MVV Build continues official Multi Arc version taken from its repository.

All additions and fixes introduced by this build are listed below in history and in file.

The author is not responsible for any damage caused by use or misuse of this software. Special compressors are provided for multimedia-, audio-, text- and executable files. - Multi-volume archives can be created based on predefined or userdefined sizes.

This software has been written to satisfy my own needs. Each type of self-extracting archives can be created as multi-volume archive.

Procedure for creation or definition key-file executes only once for each your extension.

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The lower compression methods (up to method 2) compress fast, and decompress very fast.

In default mode, when you open a zpaq archive in TC, you can only see either the latest update's files, or all "collected" files from all updates you made, with each file showing it's newest version, just like you would expect from other archivers (zip, rar, ...). when you want to get your old file versions, enable the 'Show all archive versions' option (through 'Pack files' - 'Configure'), so that you will be able to view all of the archive's updates. Mht Un Pack wcx and wdx plug-in version 2.1 This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to extract resources stored in Microsoft's MHT files.