Physical anthropology dating methods

03-Aug-2017 03:30

The course focuses on cultural institutions as fundamental in creating, defining, and reinforcing gender roles.Economics, politics, the arts, ethnicity, race, religion, kinship, world view, language, and other issues which influence choices, opportunities and limitations tied to gender will be examined. Food nourishes not only our bodies, but also our souls, and plays a critical role in the identity formation of individuals and groups of people in society.

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Also students will discuss the role of language in issues related to nationalism. This course focuses on the evolutionary history of our species, Homo sapiens, through an examination of the paleontological record of primate and human origins.

Examines the basics of bone biology, methods of skeletal analysis, recognition of pathology and trauma, and the techniques used in crime scene investigation and individual identification. This course presents a cross-cultural survey of the position of men and women within an anthropological framework.