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Cons It’s hard to articulate just how unpleasant this place is to work for. They gossip about lower ranked members of staff and are hostile and cliquey. They regularly do this and operate on a culture of blame in which nothing is their fault and it is always yours. For example, a senior manager would be known to overbearingly shout at every lower ranked staff member in the office to be quiet and keep the noise down if there was any bonding or conversation in-between the endless calls.

They cut corners constantly to benefit themselves and disfavour you. However, the same manager would then run around the office (when not working) distracting everyone by literally squeaking at the top of their longs and gossiping about new members of staff and whining about not knowing what to have for dinner.

They make masses of money each year but still refuse to pay a London Living Wage. The retention levels are so poor anyway that you simply don’t matter. Jobs in which you matter, they look after you, they pay you fairly, they care about you as individual, they have nice working conditions. I'm an actor and I need a job that lets me have time off for auditions - I've not needed as much time off as I would like this last year admittedly, but I'm trying my best!

If you challenge their behaviour or unfair treatment then it is met with a “just get rid of them” attitude. You are simply a minuscule cog in their big cliquey wheel that ultimately favours their disproportionately high pay cheques. I had a last minute audition come up the other day and I was able to leave during my shift and go - I didn't get the gig, but appreciated the freedom to take the audition.

By choosing to use Eventrii you make the experience of inviting your guests to your special day so simple and straightforward. Whilst planning your event you can choose one of our designed online free Invitations and send to your guests along with your unique event link that allow your guests to RSVP Online free.

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Keep working with the in-house agency though - that must be really handy for a lot of people to have.Cons The pay is criminal, the commission is £2 per sale, it's pathetic.There is a culture of very nasty bullying and intimidation.Event Photo sharing allows the guests to reminisce and reconnect again by viewing the special moments of the event.

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The free RSVP Tracker is the best in the US and we have published events in London, India, America, Spain and Russia.The Online RSVP tool is simple to use and allows photo sharing to bring that little more excitement to your event.Cons Working in this slum was my low point in London.So yeah, I think this is a good job if you are happy that it isn't the thing you want to do with your life.

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