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Improvements on the outside make for improvements on the inside when someone is committed to self-growth.When I coach singles to become the best version of their self by making little tweaks to their appearance and presentation, their confidence skyrockets.Many have what I call “dating ADD” that keeps them from settling down.In other words, they get addicted to the roller coaster of casual dating/sex (or their careers) and just don’t see the need to focus on finding a real relationship.I will work with anyone (who is realistic and can afford me! There are bars on many a corner, and every dating app under the sun at our fingertips is just a download away.) who is truly ready to commit to the process of creating a great relationship. Yes, it is an awesome feeling to know that I have gotten several couples married and into long-term relationships that may lead to marriage. Getting a second date becomes more challenging because of all the options.

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From there, I analyze their strengths and weaknesses for finding or keeping the type of person they want.Dear NYC Singles: If you want to attract the right partner, make it a priority!Get realistic about who you are and what you have to offer before you determine what you are looking for in a match. So improve yourself before you put yourself out there. My book is one part self-help and one part celebration of Italian American culture.I create a program that maximizes their opportunities for achieving the goals we determine they’d like to accomplish for their love life.

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My job is to be a detective and find out about anything that would threaten our chances of success. My approach is collaborative and it is focused on uncovering the truth and sharing it in a loving and productive way. In fact, I ended up becoming friends with some of my past clients, because I really come to care about and bond with them in this personalized work.

Bolstered by 12 years of experience in the dating and matchmaking industry backed by a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, she delivers here a inspiring, eye-opening and fun interview. Well, I grew up in North Jersey-twenty miles outside NYC- and spent a lot of my young years talking about boys, keeping journals about boys, and giving my friends advice about boys!