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21-Aug-2017 05:45

Some of the earliest monetary loans have been documented in the Bible!Other cultures, including the Romans and ancient Greeks, have ample evidence of a thriving lending industry that dates back thousands of years.Nationwide is the largest building society in the world, dating back to the founding of the Provident Union Building Society in 1846.Nationwide now provide a wide range of mortgages to suit different borrowers.Taking out a secured loan is a big decision, and as a result you should weigh up any alternatives that may be better for your personal situation.

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The mechanisms in place were pretty sophisticated, even by modern standards, with lenders accepting both deposits and acting a little like a bureau de change.Now you can see where modern banks get their ideas from.In fact, the word "bank" is derived from "banca"; the benches on which the moneylenders sat when trading.To compare top Nationwide secured loan deals with other secured loan rates and find the best deals for you, call us today on 01.