Sedating a cat for moving updating to 2 2 1

20-Jul-2017 04:46

I have a great deal of experience with this situation, and strong convictions as well.

I've had good results with the cat retreating into the bathroom, and I close the door on it there.I once actually witnessed the death of a cardiomyopathic Doberman who struggled and went into ventricular fibrillation while being restrained for an EKG; the owner watched the whole thing!While there is always an exception to the rule, appropriate sedation is my preference for handling these patients, hands down! before radiographs, IV catheter, thoracocentesis, echocardiogram, etc.With a small pillow or towel, I come around the other side by the sink and the cat has no exit but to go into the carrier.

I slowly hold the pillow or towel over the opening of the carrier as I carefully close the door using the pillow to fill the escape gap.Young cats tend to gain 1 lb per month for the first 6 month as a general rule. that are calm house cats, but still panic when you go to pick them up to put in a carrier.I train my semi-feral cats to not be afraid to go into a carrier by feeding them daily in a large carrier and/or tossing their favorite treats into a large carrier every day as part of their routine.The vet will want the weight of the cat in order to prescribe the right dose for the cat.

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