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Usually softer substances such as Benadryl will be the first port of call, but in severe cases your vet may prescribe diazepam.For correcting behavior it’s both safer and more effective to use a good training program instead of relying on medicine.Consider worst-case scenarios, such as your dog getting lost en route, and be sure you know all of the airline’s requirements for your traveling dog. Valium (diazepam) is a rapidly-absorbed benzodiazepine drug which affects chemicals in the brain to reduce levels of anxiety, often working within 30 minutes.Owners should be aware of the following possible side effects associated with the use of Valium: Common Sudden withdrawal after prolonged use can produce unforeseen behavioral changes, and an intense recurrence of symptoms which were present before treatment. The most common effects are related to CNS depression, and can include: Hypotension and even cardiac arrest have been noted in very rare human cases but how this translates to dogs is not clear.In all cases where you suspect an overdose you should get in contact with the vet immediately, or call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control hotline on (888) 426-4435.If you need a longer term solution for canine epilepsy you will likely be prescribed phenobarbital instead.

Drugs such as flumazenil may also be used along with several other supportive measures.Various methods of administration are available but oral and IV injection are the most effective, with IM, rectal and nasal administration offering a lower rate of absorption.The drug is metabolized in the dog’s liver into three different substances: nordiazepam, temazepam and oxazepam and has a half-life of around 3 hours.As veterinarians, all too often we are called upon to vaccinate, examine, or otherwise deal with dogs who are aggressive, fearful, poorly trained, not properly socialized, or all of the above.

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Many veterinarians seek information to adequately sedate these dogs with oral medications prior to their appointments.Owners should familiarize themselves with the contraindications and drug interactions associated with diazepam prior to use and discuss any possible issues with their vet.Pregnant/Nursing Dogs: Human trials have shown slight risks associated with the use of diazepam during the first trimester of pregnancy.We recommend Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer which is a very popular and effective training program.