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18-Nov-2017 09:06

Let us do better, let us celebrate love in all its forms and show that all Australians 'belong'!

I just feel If you find yourself seduced by glossy wedding magazines, or the myriad of social media sites that will 'help' you plan your wedding, within a very short time you will have to decide whether this one day will be: It’s more than likely that your wedding is one or all of those statuses. Maybe your wedding isn’t the most important day, maybe the day you’re currently in, the now is the most important day.

From relaxing getaways to adrenaline fuelled activities the Apple Isle has the perfect blend of options to suit most persuasions.

Once you have found the apple of your eye on The Love club, why not dive in and explore this picturesque playground.

Hobart’s nightlife is undergoing a transformation at the moment and doing its best to shake off the bad rap it’s often received in the past.

This was hard fought battle, it should never have come to an intrusive and divisive survey BUT thankfully the majority of Australians have given their support and we will now see full equality within weeks (fingers crossed).

When interviewed by media yesterday, the question about personal gain was foremost on the journo's mind ...

Maybe your marriage is more important than the actual wedding in which you are about to invest so very heavily.

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Is your future together about the car, the cake, the 'favours'?You will find the Hobart nightlife is quite lively with live gigs and nightclubs open most nights of the week.It’s worthwhile checking out the Live Guide to Australia to find out what concerts and events are happening at any given time of the year.Marriage is a protective institution, it nurtures us as human beings and indeed contributes to improved physical and mental health.