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He reminds me of a big cuddly bear, but "Bear" seems too common for me =/. all of these are often preceded with "my" little one little girl babygirl little bird princess sugar good girl pumpkin baby dear dearest sweetie sweetypie darling honey my pretty little girl sweetpea Mr only has a few pet names for me. Papa calls me: - princess - sweet pea* - hun - hunny/honey - honey bun - sweetie - babygirl - baby - babe - boo bear - little one - lil/little lady - buttercup - darling * = this, he says, is my special nameedit: ooops I meant to post this in the ddlg forum. Here's the list: Cookie Dough Sugar Tits Pandaren Princess Honeybun Sugar Muffin I mainly stick to calling him Daddy, but I've been wanting to pick something more personal and connected to us.To open full-sized image or download any wallpaper click on thumbnail photos below.Sexy wallpapers for Widescreen Desktops in 1920X1200 resolutions.We’re both passionate about connecting people who want to find their ideal soulmate in life.Whether you’re a ‘Farang’ wanting to meet a Thai woman online or you are a Thai woman seeking a loving man to fulfill your dreams, Thai Romances wants to make those dreams come true.

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Bear - usually when I'm in little space, and usually with a lisp My Big names for him: Love/My Love Lover Darling Sweetheart Shade of my Heart *facepalm* I can't believe I forgot to put the one that started all this Mr & Mrs Bear stuffs!! Today's nude and non-nude babes post contains 21 wallpaper in normal screen resolution.The minimal wallpaper size is 1200x1900 and the most common is 1600x1200 pixels. Also some in house and black & white girl backgrounds added.